More students to benefit from game-changing approach to K-12 education at Plano private school thanks to generous Collin County partners

PLANO, Texas (May 30, 2016) – For our children to see happy, successful lives in tomorrow’s advanced world, education must focus on innovation, collaboration and flexibility today. Yorktown Education, a dramatically different K-12 private school in North Texas, accomplishes this and much more. At Yorktown, every student receives a gifted education. Many North Texas organizations share the belief that all students deserve a gifted education and are assisting these students by offering $1 million in scholarship money to be available to families to attend Yorktown Education.

Announced by Yorktown officials Monday morning on WFAA’s Good Morning Texas, the program is a pool of scholarships granted by local community organizations such as Learning Rx and Discovery Montessori, both of Plano, and Pinnacle Montessori, owner of schools in Allen and Murphy under the name of Heritage Montessori, who believe so strongly in the superior environment at Yorktown they have found the resources to enable more children to experience a gifted education. Scholarships are being granted now for the 2016-2017 academic year.

“At Yorktown, our students are excelling at levels that traditional schools simply can’t deliver,” said Randall Reiners, founder and chairman of Yorktown Education. “Our entire program inspires engagement and achievement for our kids’ real world future, which is missing at traditional schools focused on test scores and state mandates, including grade level divisions. In our model, students progress according to their own accomplishments – academically, socially and personally. Students are advanced by subject based on their own level of achievement to keep them challenged, engaged and happy. Every child receives a gifted education. ”

Yorktown Education’s results are among America’s best, without prescreening students. Yorktown accepts average kids and still generates superior results. Yorktown Education has been accredited twice by AdancED, also known as SACS/CASI. AdvancED is the most highly regarded school accreditation in America and accredits leading universities like Rice University, Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas. AdvancED is recognized in all 50 states and more than 70 foreign countries.

“We offer an inspired education for a diverse group of students and we want that to be available to more children, irrespective of income levels,” said Purvi Ajmera, Yorktown dean of school. “We hear from parents every day who are disenchanted with their child’s school but don’t know where to begin. I say, ‘Begin with a tour.’ Even if you think private school isn’t an option for your family, come see our rigorous curriculum that cultivates critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, innovation and understanding of cultures all over the world.”

Yorktown Education excels where other schools fail because curriculum, schedules, subject matter are tailored to the student’s success.  This simply can not be done in the traditional “eighth grade, ninth grade, tenth grade” system. One hundred percent of Yorktown graduates have successfully completed college course work before graduation. Graduates are not just college ready, but college proven. Yorktown includes the first 60 hours of college credit (two years of college) in the basic high school program. Additionally, Yorktown believes the staff is the backbone of a thriving learning environment. Most staff have many years of real world experience and advanced degrees. They also have mastery in the subjects they teach, as well as expertise in effective teaching practices. Yorktown even covers the cost of additional training for teachers, including a Ph.D. program

To learn more about scholarships or enrollment, please call Yorktown Education at 972-733-0800 or email us at

About Yorktown Education

The Yorktown philosophy is simple: Challenge children to their greatest potential and place them on a path to a fulfilling and inspired life. Founded in 2008 in Plano, Texas, Randall Reiners, a Kellogg School graduate, took his experience executing strategic plans for billion-dollar companies and began Yorktown Education to offer the kind of school that didn’t exist anywhere else.

Yorktown provides students with a superior education, one that focuses on the skills and knowledge relevant to the 21st century workplace. Yorktown’s core values – respect, responsibility and innovation – segue into a lifelong philosophy from which emerges a cooperative, entrepreneurial spirit. Key components in Yorktown’s curriculum include a rigorous mastery-based instruction, effective technology integration, high expectations and a customized education plan that enables students to “Do What You Love.” Students have the opportunity to tailor their learning experience through hundreds of electives, partner programs, and practicums. Visit Yorktown at or find us on Facebook.