Educators striving to achieve better teaching methodologies face countless challenges. Unraveling the systemic learning obstacles within the public school system that have existed for generations is no easy task. That’s why it’s good to know there are valuable new methods of learning that make unlearning less difficult and more of a next step.

Yorktown Education is an educational leader in transforming the traditional classroom. Some of the basic tenets to successful learning at Yorktown start with the belief that all children have a special gift and that gift will emerge in a nurturing environment.

Teaching holistically from an interdisciplinary approach, teachers at Yorktown bring together concepts, methods, and languages from various disciplines or established areas of expertise in order to explain a phenomenon, solve a problem, create a product, or raise a new question in ways that are unlikely achievable through traditional education.

Yorktown staff reaches out to students to authentically connect, listen and learn what inspires them and what they love doing. Students are encouraged to give their opinions and perspectives on teaching methods and curriculum to engage creative thinking even further.

Given the capacity of the human mind, almost anything can be learned – and unlearned. It’s simply a matter of identifying the desired goal and then creating the conditions in which that goal can be reached. Then the teacher must get out of the way. Educators cannot cause curiosity, enthusiasm or affection, but it is possible to let those behaviors happen. From there, all a child needs is encouragement to focus on what they love doing. The result is a happy, successful student.

Yorktown is committed to helping students through the rough patches of unlearning processes and protocols they have learned in public education. But whether a student is entering Yorktown in Lower School K-6th, or Upper School 7th – 12th, they will receive personalized attention that recognizes their individual learning style to enable them to reach their full potential.

We do not believe that traditional education is able to give your child the best possible education. While much is changing in public education, it’s not happening quickly enough to wait. Finding the best educational path for your child is every parent’s concern. We understand that and invite you to schedule a tour, meet out teachers and administrators and experience for yourself students ‘doing what they love’ and enjoying school like never before.