Students who learn how to captain their own learning ship are usually flexible and critical thinkers. They are motivated to work with fellow students and people around them as resources for collaboration.

Along this path, they will pick up real life skills like organization, time-management, and budgeting. Students in our learning environment learn how to self-regulate as they move through the system.

Learning opportunities, such as competitions, artistic projects and such offer the kind of stimulation that independent learners enjoy.

The discovery process is important to motivated learners, so merely pointing out a thing of possible interest is better received than the offering it as a suggestion. Because independent learners are more intent on self-management, making their own decisions is natural.

Yorktown students are prepared for life with a focus on academics and personal special interests. Graduates have the skills they need to choose what they want to do with their lives – and to be good at it.

Every Yorktown student is recognized as an individual with their own talents, abilities and weaknesses. Yorktown shapes the student’s education to match their needs. As a result, students learn better, faster and more effectively. And equally important, they go on to become successful contributors in business and life.