We prepare your child for real life providing an education beyond the classroom.

Personalized learning is important for any child. Many educational institutions are not recognizing the personal learning styles of students, so these same students miss out on the opportunity to reach their full potential. When considering your child’s educational career, it’s important that you seek out a school that focuses on advancement based on performance – not age or grade level. At Yorktown Education, students are encouraged to advance academically at earlier ages through a curriculum that fosters thinking with depth and complexity.

Personalized Attention

Within a private school setting in which the individual is prioritized, your student will work in smaller groups and benefit from more personalized attention. This will in turn will allow them to better absorb and retain the information they encounter.

Fostered Love of Learning

Rather than struggling with learning capabilities and preferences that differ from those of other students, children in our learning environment are provided with a means of learning that suits their wants as well as their needs. Inevitably, students will come to enjoy their studies more. Also, they’ll develop a love of learning that will be carried into their personal and professional lives outside of school.