We Prepare Your Student for Collegiate Immersion

Your student is able to obtain the first 60 hours of college credits in our basic program, so your student is college proven upon graduation, not just college ready.  If your student obtains college credit, he/she is likely to be admitted to college with an “advanced position”: college work completed.

High School Dual Enrollment Credit Program

Yorktown Education not only helps students with the transition to college, we allow them to get there much faster. Yorktown students can start taking college courses as early as 14 years of age. Our personalized learning programs provide the right type of learning environment to allow an array of different students, with different learning abilities, to be successful.

Yorktown’s dual enrollment program is a great way for students to leave high school already succeeding in college. Our dual enrollment program is accredited by SACS CASI, an accreditation division of AdvancED, which is recognized in all 50 States and 69 foreign countries.

With this type of program, students can earn transferable credit through a college while taking equivalent courses at Yorktown Education’s high school. This allows students the opportunity to earn up to two full years of college credit before they even graduate high school.

Affordable Education

With our private school dual enrollment program, not only are students being challenged with rigorous work that will prepare them for college, but families can save a substantial sum on tuition. This is an ideal choice for students who aim to attend graduate school or graduate from college early.

Preparation for Higher Learning

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for students after graduation is sudden immersion in an unstructured college environment. College professors offer more day-to-day leniency and are less likely to help students remember due dates, deadlines, and assignments. Yorktown Education provides life skills and time management education practiced daily so students thrive in college. Students are thoroughly prepared for the transition to college life.

College is an exciting and life-changing experience, so make sure your teen is prepared. Yorktown Education prepares your child for all post-secondary endeavors.