At Yorktown, our specialty is Do What You Love and we focus each student’s personalized curriculum around their areas of interest. As students move up the Tree of Knowledge and improve their educational level, their skills will fragment and they will begin to distinguish their strengths and weaknesses. At Yorktown, we adjust each student’s personal educational program as they grow.

Tree of KnowledgeAt Yorktown we believe reaching YOUR branch of The Tree of Knowledge, leads to true happiness. As you grow, you begin to develop an education foundation through pre-school and elementary school. By your middle school years, your trunk is strengthening so that by the time you enter high school you have developed interests and strengths, or have shown a natural gift in an area of study or potential career. When you graduate from high school, understanding who you are and your career interests are paramount.

The earlier students master their core courses, the more Do What You Love Coursework they may enjoy.