Yorktown Education is a place where students can reach their highest potential, cultivate a love of learning and innovation, develop self-confidence, pursue creative and academic interests, and lead purposeful lives.

072A9392c2The School’s main mission is to help instill the core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, and innovation in our students, to ultimately prepare them for lives of leadership and making a difference in the world.

Parents recognize the value of allowing their bright, independent children to progress academically at an advanced rate. As educators, we believe that children who are academically and socially capable of more advanced work should be allowed to accelerate according to their abilities and desires. Starting at kindergarten and continuing through college-level work, higher achievement is standard order of the day at our school. Upper School (middle and high school students) may opt for dual enrollment, which allows them to earn college credits while in high school. Yorktown students can earn up to 60 college credits (equivalent to two years of college, with more than 400 courses to choose from) through our dual enrollment program before high school graduation. Some of our students further pursue their interests by participating in internships in local hospitals, veterinarian clinics, and graphic design firms, just to name a few.

Having passed our seven-year mark and looking towards an exciting school year, I am deeply encouraged that Yorktown’s educational philosophy, “Advancement based on performance—not on age or grade levels,” is so highly sought after by parents and students alike. Yorktown Education is experiencing unprecedented growth in our lower (kindergarten-sixth grade) and mid-upper schools (seventh-eighth grade).

Our website provides a general overview of Yorktown and we hope that the information aids you in the process of finding the right school for your child. We also encourage you to visit us in person. You will observe firsthand the joy of our students as they playfully learn Mandarin, practice computer coding, work together on a science project, debate current economic topics in the news, and display a true love of learning and inquiry.

I hope you will take the time to visit us and learn more about how our exceptional education makes this possible. Thank you for your interest in Yorktown Education.


Randall Reiners
Head of School