Yorktown Education founder, Randall Reiners was drawn to education through the experiences of his children. Despite being enrolled in a leading public school, it was clear that his son’s education was not adequate for our modern world. Mr. Reiners thought he would move his son into a private school but found they were teaching the same curriculum with the same methods as public schools.

Mr. Reiners then got involved in school reform and in 2004 he founded Yorktown Education to develop a better education for today’s children. After four years of research with leading educators, the Yorktown Education school opened its doors in 2008.

Today, Yorktown Education is participating in one of the highest learning improvements in the United States. Yorktown Education is accredited by AdancedED and a member of ERB (Educational Records Bureau) which allows Yorktown credits to be recognized by schools in all 50 states.

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Learn More About the Changing Education Paradigms

Sir Ken Robinson Ph.D. delivers a video summary of education. He is a New York Times best selling author, including The Element and Out of Our Minds. He was Knighted in 2003 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. His renowned talks at the TED Conference continue to be viewed by millions.

Yorktown Education has invented and implemented the answers to our problems.

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