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Since every child is different, Yorktown customizes your student’s education to fit his or her learning style, strengths and interests. Athletes or students with special interests may have flexible schedules with less in-class time.

Students with a desire to advance quickly can opt to take classes year round.  High school students may have dual enrollment, which earns them college credits.  As a result of this philosophy, children learn faster, stay more focused, and are happier with their success.

About Yorktown

We believe every person should live a full and satisfying life. This can only be accomplished with a proper education and work. A superior education will highlight a student’s talents and abilities. Yorktown High School graduates have completed more college courses with higher college grade point averages than any other Texas school.

One hundred percent (100%) of Yorktown graduates have been accepted to the university of their choice with scholarships or advanced placement averaging over $50,000. These results are driven by Yorktown’s revolutionary approach to education.

Individual freedom to thrive and prosper is the cornerstone of the American Dream. The battle of Yorktown made that vision possible more than 200 years ago, but until now it has not been fully realized.