Traditional Education

Your child is not getting the best from a traditional system.

Yorktown’s approach to education may be what your child needs.

Advancement at Yorktown Education is based on performance – not age or grade levels. Students are encouraged to advance academically at earlier ages through a curriculum that fosters thinking with depth and complexity.

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Do What You Love

Yorktown’s “Do What You Love” philosophy encourages students to determine and pursue their talents, abilities, and interests. Exceptional real-world experiences, such as hands-on internships, help students make their career decisions early. With “Do What You Love” in place in every aspect of Yorktown, children learn faster and stay more focused. As a result, they are happier with their success.

Starting at first grade and continuing through college-level work, higher achievement is standard order of the day at Yorktown.

At Yorktown a student’s education is customized to fit his or her own unique learning style, strengths, and interests. Yorktown understands that no two students are alike and takes great strides in creating a curriculum that fosters this approach.

Yorktown is a place where students can reach their highest potential, cultivate a love of learning and innovation, develop self-confidence, pursue creative and academic interests, and lead purposeful lives.

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